Fuel cards that save you more!

Your kiwi fuel card.

Put a smile on your face with a Kora fuel card.  Save at least 10 cents a litre each time you top up – no matter how much or how often you use it.  Simply top up and pay with your Kora fuel card at any Mobil or Waitomo station nationwide.

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Fuel cards for everyone.

kora fuel card man as a small business owner

Small business

Reduce your overheads with daily fuel savings and payment terms to suit your needs.


Kora for self employed


Our fuel card works as hard as you, so you can save money and spend less time on paperwork.

Self Employed

Kora for your personal use

Personal Use

Family road trip or daily commute? Get there cheaper with a Kora fuel card in your pocket.

You and Whānau

Kora for your company

Company-wide savings

Boost your employees/members financial wellbeing with Kora for Business in your corner.

Business & Organisations

Kora for non profits

Non -profit

Keep more of your hard-earned funding with Kora Taupua for charities, clubs and non-profits.

Register Not-For-Profit

Support Kora nfps

Supporting others

With Kora Taupua, our charity and non-profit partners can earn funding on every litre you buy.

Support a Not-For-Profit

Choose what you want to buy with your Kora fuel cards. 

With Kora you can buy all petrol types

All petrol types

Whether you’re filling up 91, 95, or 98, you’ll get unlimited fuel discounts using your Kora petrol fuel card at any Mobil and Waitomo.

With Kora you can buy Diesel

Don't forget diesel

Enjoy everyday discounts on diesel when you refuel with you Kora diesel fuel card at select Mobil and Waitomo stations across the country.

With Kora you can buy carwashes

Car wash

Add ‘car wash’ as an allowed product to pay for it with your Kora fuel card, and drive away squeaky clean.

A fuel card for everywhere!

Use your Kora fuel card at over 300 Waitomo and Mobil stations across New Zealand for fuel discounts every day.

Wherever you go, the savings will follow. Make driving sweeter with Kora.

Kora has fuel partner locations nationwide

Flexible payment options.

Choose your payment structure – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly via credit card or direct debit, and get one simple invoice that makes tracking your savings easy.

No more crumpled receipts stuffed in the car door.

How Kora works



kora man showing the way