Support a non-profit or charity with Kora.

Join Kora through one of our non-profit partners and help them earn Kora Taupua funding.


You choose to give 2, 4 or 10!

By joining Kora as part of the non-profit program you can get fuel savings on every litre, every day when purchasing from Waitomo or Mobil nationwide. Our special offer also allows you to donate some (or all) of your fuel savings too. It's a win-win for all!

Merely purchasing fuel from the Kora fuel partners (Waitomo or Mobil) will generate quarterly payments back to your nominated non-profit. The Kora team like to call this Kora Taupua 'to support'. 

See some of our charity partners below, they would love to have you sign-up to Kora and contribute to their Kora Taupua funding.


kora fuel card man dressed as a hero to support charities with funding

GIVE 2 - legend!

Every time you buy fuel with a Kora fuel card, you will save 8 cents per litre and 2 cents will go into the Kora Taupua fund for your nominated organisation. 

GIVE 4 - rockstar!

For every litre of fuel purchased with your Kora fuel cards, you will save 6 cents and give 4 cents to the Kora Taupua fund for your nominated organisation. 

GIVE 10 - hero!

For every litre of fuel purchased with your Kora fuel cards, you will contirbute  10 cents to the Kora Taupua fund for your nominated organisation. 

Meet some of our not-for-profit partners.

How much Kora Taupua could you raise?

Step 1 - Calculate your contribution
Step 2 - Calculate the team effort

We’re a fuel card company that offers Kiwis a better way to buy petrol or diesel. We work with major fuel brands (starting with Waitomo and Mobil) to give you a great discount every time you fill up at locations all round NZ.

Kora Taupua is a way for GST-registered, Not-For-Profit organisations to earn extra funding based on an agreed cents per litre, for every litre of fuel their members purchase with their Kora fuel cards. Kora Taupua means ’support’ in Te reo Māori.

Click on the tile of your preferred not-for-profit, this will take you to their Kora page. Here you can find out more information about them.

Decide whether you want to give 2, 4 or 10 cents for every litre of fuel you purchase with your Kora fuel cards. Click sign up ... this will take you to the Kora application form (automatically linking your donation to your not-for-profit).

Your fuel purchases will be linked to one not-for-profit at a time. If you would like to change your nominated charity and switch to another registered Kora NFP, then contact us and we can get that sorted.

Our Kora membership fee is $2 per month. This is normally covered by the first fill. If on the GIVE 4 offer, then for every 50L fill they would save $3 and give $2.

Sign up to Kora and support New Zealand charities today.


Step 1

Click through to your chosen not-for-profits Kora page and decide which 
offer to join, i.e. Give 2, 4, or 10.


Step 2

Click on the relevant apply button and complete the online form.


Step 3

Once approved, the Kora team will send you your fuel cards, and you can 
begin saving & giving!


Register your non-profit.

With Kora you can register your charity or non-profit organisation and let your greatest supporters get fuel savings and contritbute Kora Taupua.

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