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We’re a fuel card company that offers Kiwis a better way to buy petrol or diesel. We work with major fuel brands (starting with Waitomo and Mobil) to give you a great discount every time you fill up at locations all round NZ.

Kora membership costs $2 per month. Additional fees may apply for replacement fuel cards, failed payment or relevant credit card fees.

Kora for Business and Kora for Not-For-Profit have a tiered annual membership cost. For more information please contact us.

You can use your Kora fuel cards to save at any of our fuel partner (Waitomo and Mobil) fuel stops or service stations.

Please note:

Mobil has a small number of Convenience Merchant operators who accept Mobilcard fuel cards but are not branded Mobil. You may use your Kora fuel card at these locations, however no fuel discount is available. For a full list of these locations please refer to the Mobil website.

Waitomo operates a small number of Diesel Stops, as the name suggests these locations have Diesel Only, are for use by large commercial vehicles, normally have limited operating hours and mostly located on private land. Your Kora fuel card will not be accepted at Diesel Stops. For a full list of these locations please refer to the Waitomo website.

It is just like using a payment card, with are few more instructions to follow - easy as!

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The transaction will be charged to your Kora fuel account. Check out your invoice to see your discount and how much you have saved!

You can choose to pay your Kora account weekly, fortnightly or monthly by direct debit or credit card.

Simply select your preferred options when you apply online. If you’re already a Kora member and would like to make a change to your account, simply contact us and we’ll take care of it.

We’re currently building a fantastic mobile app that will allow you to see your account, cards, transactions etc all in one place. It will also allow you to chat with us, and cancel your cards if you lose them. Lots of helpful account activities in the new app - coming soon (Feb 2024)

While we’d love to offer cheaper snacks and lollies, Kora is just for buying petrol or diesel.

Kora Taupua is a way for GST-registered, Not-For-Profit organisations to earn extra funding based on an agreed cents per litre, for every litre of fuel their members purchase with their Kora fuel cards. Kora Taupua means ’support’ in Te reo Māori.

That’s the plan. We’re currently talking to the other fuel companies and plan to expand our offering to include other brands as soon as possible. Good things take time.

Kora has a partnership with each fuel company, so we have a Kora fuel card for every supported fuel brand. This does mean having multiple fuel cards, but by keeping them securely in your car, they’ll be ready whenever you need fuel.

Yes. Companies can register with Kora to offer a special discounted fuel deal to their employees. It’s a great option for employee recruitment and retention, with no credit risk to your business. To find out more, contact us and we'll be in touch to talk about creating an offer tailored to your business.

Contact us at and we will provide you with an identifier for the EROAD system.

Once you have confirmation from us and the identifier details, just enter them in MyEROAD by following these steps:

  • Go to Administration / My Organisation.
  • In the Third Party Identifier List, click Add.
  • In Type: Select Fuel API Customer Name.
  • In Name: Enter the Fuel Supplier, i.e. KORA
  • In Identifier: Enter the Account Name your fuel provider knows you by, e.g. Acme Freight. NOTE: Make sure the entry in Identifier matches what we sent you!
  • Click Save.

Once you’re set up, your fuel records will be processed overnight and will be available in MyEROAD the next day.

NOTE: In order to support accurate, reliable fuel reporting in MyEROAD, advise your fuel provider when adding or removing vehicles to your fleet or when ordering a new fuel card.

You can download our latest ’terms of trade’ document right here

The latest ’bank direct debit terms and conditions’ can be found here.

If you would like to cancel your direct debit authority, please email the Kora team at