Here is our handy video that shows how to use your Kora fuel cards at the pump or at the counter.

It is just like using a payment card, with are few more instructions to follow - easy as!  The transaction will be charged to your Kora fuel account -  billed weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whichever you selected.

Check out your invoice to see your discount and how much you have saved! 

Find Kora on the Gaspy app

See how our discounts follow wherever you go!

We know our Kora fuel card holders LOVE their discounts, so we have teamed up with the folks at Gaspy.  Making it easy to find Kora participating locations and the Kora discounted price.

Download the Gaspy app and find Kora fuel cards in the Discount Calculator section on the Gaspy app. You can turn on the Kora feature in the Discount Calculator and it will auto adjust the prices to show your Kora discount. 

Maximise your fuel savings.

Use your account

A Kora fuel card account has a low $2 per month fee. By purchasing fuel with your Kora fuel cards, this fee is quickly offset (only 20 litres!) and every litre thereafter results in savings for you.

With Kora there is no limit on how many litres of fuel you can purchase at the discounted price. The more you buy the more you save. 

Payment options

Great news! Paying your Kora account by direct debit is free! Kora offers the convenience of paying your account by credit/debit card as well. Great for earning extra rewards from your credit card programme.

Unfortunately credit/debit card acceptance does incur a merchant service fee calculated on a percentage of the invoice amount. As a low cost operator we need to pass on this cost.  

Keep your cards handy

We suggest you keep your Kora fuel cards in your vehicle, that way you have them handy whenever you need to buy fuel. But if you are constantly on the move, in and out of different vehicles, keep them handy in your wallet.

Remember, there is no need to miss out on savings because your Kora fuel cards are at home - especially since additional fuel cards are free! Let us know if you need more fuel cards.

Savings, savings everywhere!

You can use your Kora cards to fill up and pay at Waitomo and Mobil stations. There are more than 300 sites all round New Zealand, so wherever you go with Kora, the savings will follow.



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kora man filling up fuel for personal use

Time to get filling and start saving!