Savings Man with Taniwha 10 cents Coin Face and Rainbow Suit

Kora appeals to the 'bargain hunter' in all of us, after all it is the kiwi way. But really, wouldn’t it be easier to have a way to get the best discount every time on every litre, no restrictions!

Well, a bunch of kiwi innovators had the same thought. Kora is new, but the brains trust behind the idea have been around the block a few times, especially in the card and fuel world.

We pitched our idea to a few contacts and were very excited to get the backing from two great fuel brands, Waitomo and Mobil. We are sure you are familiar with these household names. They have been providing quality fuel to kiwis forever! And they have fuel stops and petrol stations conveniently located throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our company name Kora has personal meaning to us, primarily it means ‘fuel’ in Maori. As proud kiwis you will notice from time to time that we choose to incorporate Maori language into our branding and delivery.


Kora has fully embraced the new world ... by adopting fancy cloud based technology which allows our team to work remotely throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Automated processes and integration directly into support services gives Kora the ability to scale our business without exploding our operational costs. After all, we want to be a 'low cost operator' so we can pass on savings to our valued Kora members!   

Our goal is simple! By growing our Kora membership it means collectively we can work with our fuel partners to negotiate more discounts.

A WIN WIN for all ...

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